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Record Video Interview
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Record Video

To Get Started:

  1. Open your Video Interview Link

  2. Click the Join Interview button

  3. Confirm camera and microphone are enabled

  4. Click the Respond button to answer the Prompt question (video questions)

    • Optional: the following actions can be taken

      • If a video Prompt is present click the Play button to listen to the additional context or example responses

      • Toggle Notes to add any notes you’d like to view when responding to the Prompt

      • Click Upload video if you have a pre-recorded video you’d like to upload instead of a live recording

      • Click Skip if you do not want to answer the question

      • Click the Question Bar to view a specific step

      • Click the Review button to jump to the Review page

  5. Click Record

  6. Review your video and click the Next button or Re-Do

  7. Complete answers for any question-based forms

  8. Complete steps 3-6 until you’ve answered all of the Prompts/Forms

  9. Enter the About You Questions

  10. Review all of your completed responses

    • Optional: Click Jump to Question button to review or re-do response

  11. Once satisfied, click the Submit button

    • Note: Your responses will be submitted to the company requesting the content.

Re-Record Video

After you Submit, you can re-record by simply returning to the same link and submitting your responses again.

  • Note: This only applies for employee-generated content.

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